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Lana Luxor - Jeans Fetish 1

Lana Luxor came to visit Jake after a long day of beating random dudes asses on the wrestling mat. She said she pulled a muscle or something in her butt muscle. Jake promised he could work out the kink..... When he saw how tight her jeans were he lost control and started rubbing her pussy and ass through her jeans. He turned into a rabid dog. Everyone knows Jake has a JEANS FETISH.....


Melody Cummings Jeans Fetish 1 - Booty Grind

Melody Cummings has a beautiful tight butt. Her little frame looks really good in a tight pair of jeans. Jake takes notice and goes straight into pervy old guy mode. He rubs up and down her ass through her jeans feeling the warm spot and getting rock hard. Melody pokes her butt out and lets Jake rub his white cock all up and down her backside.


Coco Kisses 7 - Blowjob with HUGE Facial

Coco Kisses has Jake Sperrow about to explode. She keeps working his dick like a champ sucking, jerking, spitting, slobbering. She wants him to come on her glasses, but he has built up a huge load of cum and it COVERS her face. She wasn't ready......


Coco Kisses 6 - Assisted Masturbation Handjob Blowjob

Jake works his way through all of Coco Kisses parts. In this clip she starts by rubbing a small vibrator all over her clit while asking to be fingered. Once she busts a few nuts, she starts to jerk Jake, and deep throat him.


Nicole Love - Pink Jeans Fetish 2 - Fucking

My dick is about to explode all over these jeans. I can feel her warm pussy through the jean fabric. I can even feel the moisture. The only thing better than rubbing cock all over a tight ass in tight jeans is pulling the jeans down to stick my dick in....


Nicole Love - Pink Jeans Fetish 1 - Grinding

My cleaning lady did a great job. I want to give her the opportunity to make a little extra money while she is here. She also has a pair of tight ass pink skinny jeans on, and we all know I am a sucker for rubbing my dick on a pair of jeans...


Wendi Williams XXX - Piano Teacher Blowjob

Wendi Williams XXX is happy to pay for her lessons. Seems she has been waiting to taste this dick the whole time.


Wendi Williams XXX - Piano Teacher Titjob

Wendi Williams xxx should know better than to find a piano teacher on craigslist. Eventually he is going to want his.....payment. He starts by pulling those huge tits out and sticking his dick in between them. Then sticking it in her mouth.


Coco Kisses 5 - Thigh and Calf Fuck

Jake is working his way up her body while putting his dick EVERYWHERE. He starts to fuck Coco Kisses on her calves, then moves up to her thighs. His cock is rubbing her pussy through her panties and both of them are about to explode!

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Milian Manson FFA 1 Clip 2 - Pov BJ 2

Milian Manson continues to suck Austins dick, but he gets her to bend over and shake her tight butt cheeks all over his cock.


Kay Kush - Yoga Pants Pussy 3 - Cumshot

Kay Kush gets on top and rides Jakes dick. her perfect ass cheeks squishing together has him about to explode. He puts her back in doggy style and bust a big load of cum on her ass.


Kay Kush - Yoga Pants Pussy 2 - Fuck

Jake peels her yoga pants off and sticks his white cock into her fantabuious pussy. This woman is amazing!


Kay Kush - Yoga Pants Pussy

Trying to stick in a girls ass THROUGH her yoga pants actually feels fucking great. Watch ebony Milf Kay Kush get some white dick rubbed all over her sweet ass.


Mohogany 1 Clip 3 - Neighbors Daughter BJ 3 Cumshot

Time to give her a protein shot on the lips. First let me take those titties for a ride. Had to fuck those huge tits. Blastoff!!!! You better wipe off your face before heading home to dad


Ava Aspen - Neighbors Wife 4 - Fuck 2

Jake gets finished using his neighbors wife, he fucks her, and dumps a load on her ass. BUT oh no.... With an M. Night style twist.... Jake says - for future this is the cost for borrowing sugar....


Ava Aspen - Neighbors Wife 3 - Fuck

Ava Aspen finally shuts up about her husband and starts taking the dick like she is supposed to. Jake realizes something. This bitch can come over to borrow sugar anytime she wants. He gets the feeling she will, too.....


Kenya Sweetz FFA Clip 1 - Sloppy BJ 2

Kenya Sweetz keeps working over Austin to get that nut. he doesn't stand a chance. he is not used to girls like her doing things like that to him. He leaves her with a combination of spit and jizz all over her perky titties.


Milian Manson FFA 1 Clip 1 - Pov BJ

Milian Manson has a strong jaw line and she puts it to work. Watch her suck on this big white dick and get saliva all over her.

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Kenya Sweetz FFA Clip 1 - Sloppy BJ 1

Kenya Sweetz is getting impatient waiting for the food delivery. She really wants to put some meat in her mouth. Austin has a sausage for her to nibble on to hold her appetite over.


Nadia White - Humiliation POV

It is about time somebody told you what a piece of useless garbage you are. Who better than Nadia White. This sleek big tit momma is WAY out of your league and she will tell you why. Not that it is a big surprise. Dipshit.


Stacey Short XXX - Cash or Ass 3

It is getting to be a little much as Stacey Short XXX Starts to gag and choke on the dicks. It is pretty clear that she loves to please as she moans in rhythm while sucking down cock


Mohogany 1 Clip 2 - Neighbors Daughter BJ 2

This thick black lady is hungry. She is gobbling up the dick with her juicy lips. Watch her strip down and wrap the dick with her huge tits.


Drea 1 Clip 3 - Tight Jeans Rub Blowjob 2

She continues to blow and suck dick. Jake needs to feel those jeans again, so he slips his dick between her legs and fucks her thighs. This tutoring session is about over, so he drops her payment on her chest in the form of a big load of jizz.


Deliciouxxx Diamond 1 Sleeping Fuck 2

He pumps and grabs her ass while she shakes and moans. He pulls out and bust a big nut all over her ass. He gets up to walk out of the room and she says, "Oh Billy......." "I am not Billy....."


Layla Perez 1 - Clip 2 Tights Assjob

Next step in this process, peel the tights down and fuck her panties and bubble butt cheeks. No judgment here. Do what feels right!!!


Drea 1 Clip 2 - Tight Jeans Rub Blowjob

This tutor is baddass. What started as a physics lesson has turned into anatomy. Jake continues to rub his cock all over Dreas tight jeans and keeps feeling her warm pussy through the fabric. he loses his patience and tells her to open up and suck his dick


Layla Perez 1 - Clip 1 Tights Booty Squish

Layla Perez brings her juicy fat Latina booty over Jakes house. He promised to behave, but before she could finish a 5 minute nap he had 2 full hands of bubble butt. Jake has a thing for tights and panties, so it wasn't long before he started rubbing his dick all over Laylas goodies

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Drea 1 Clip 1 - Tight Jeans Rub

Drea is a college physics tutor. Jake is a big dummy. What started as a tutoring session turned perverted really quick when she walked into the house with skin tight jeans on. tight fitting jeans are one of the many weaknesses Jake has........ Some innocent ass rubbing turns into an all out dick out dry humping session before you know it.


Deliciouxxx Diamond 1 Sleeping Fuck

Jake wastes no time and wants to feel his buddys girlfriend, so he gets to plowing. She is a creamer and a screamer.


Selena Lust 1 Clip 3 - POV BJ 2

Selena keeps sucking Jake and looking up with her sexy Asian eyes. he has her stand up to take her jeans off, and rubs his cock on her panties before peeling them off.


Nicole Love 1 - Shoejob Sockjob 2

Nicole takes her shoes off and rubs Jakes dick with her socks then he loses control, grabs her feet, and starts fucking her toes until he busts a nut all over them.


Nyomi Roze 2 - Leather Glove Dick Jerk 2

Nyomi keeps tugging, rubbing, and stroking Austins dick with her orange lambs skin driving gloves on.


Nicole Love 1 - Shoejob Sockjob

Nicole came through with a pair of shoes that Jake had to fuck. Sounds freaky, but that is just the kind of shit he does. If you leave him alone on Thanksgiving he might just stick his dick in the mashed potatoes...... Watch Nicole stroke his dick with her little ebony feet, shoes, and socks


Deliciouxxx Diamond 1 Sleeping Blowjob

Well she wasn't sleeping anymore. But she had her sleep mask on and thought it was her boyfriends dick in her mouth. Jake doesn't say a word, cause he doesn't want to blow his cover. She sucks his dick like a good girlfriend is supposed to when demanded.


Jade 1 - Jeans Fetish 3 - Jade Rides

Jade has had enough of trying to pretend to be sleeping. Now she is awaken and wants to ride this white mans dick like it is the new cool thing to do.


Nyomi Roze 2 - Leather Glove Dick Jerk 1

Nyomi Roze gets to work with her driving gloves on. She wants to learn how to drive stick, but who will teach her proper technique? Austin pulls out his meant stick and lets her work through the gears.

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Deliciouxxx Diamond 1 Sleeping Butt Rub

Billy's girlfriend is sleeping. Jake is creeping.... he starts to peel the covers away to realize that she is sleeping nearly naked with all of her goodies hanging out. He starts at her feet and works his way up her body to the ass to the tits.... What a lucky day!!!


Jade 1 - Jeans Fetish 2 - Dry Hump Jeans then Fuck

This booty rub is about to turn into an internal pussy rub. Her Black and Asian ass is too much to handle. Let him slide it in.


Jade 1 - Jeans Fetish 1 - Grope

Jakes friend Jade needs a nap. Jake needs to rub that sweet ass in those jeans.... This is a story of how they work together, so everyone is happy in the end.


Stacey Short XXX - Cash or Ass 2

This chick Stacey Short XXX is slurping, sucking, jerking, giggling, moaning, and clearly finds pink dicks delicious. She is working the boys back and forth, up and down, left and right...... A plumbers life is the life for me.... Jake says "Can we come work for you full time?"

1468990800 Update Photo

Brandi Foxx 2 - Morning Dick Jerk

This is my favorite handjob vid. Jake wakes with a raging hard on and Brandi Foxx is happy to take care of the situation. he is on the verge of exploding from the very minute she squeezes his pink dick. She is a small thing, but has the perkiest of tits with a magical bubble butt.


Brandi Foxx 2 - Clip 2 Morning Dick Jerk 2

Brandi Foxx strokes on Jakes dick like a Chinese person writes calligraphy. She pulls with her little hands in sweeping and precise motions, while his dick throbs.... Until it explodes with hot cum all over her back......


Brandi Foxx 2 - Clip 1 Morning Dick Jerk 1

This is my favorite handjob vid. Jake wakes with a raging hard on and Brandi Foxx is happy to take care of the situation. he is on the verge of exploding from the very minute she squeezes his pink dick. She is a small thing, but has the perkiest of tits with a magical bubble butt.


Selena Lust 1 Clip 3 - POV BJ 1

As Jake Finishes fucking her jeans and giving a nice dry hump, he has to feel what her mouth can do. She is happy to give him what he wants. It must be the submissive Asian side of her ready and willing to please her man.


Selena Lust 1 Clip 2 - Jeans Grind

Selena gets mushroom tracks all over her jeans. They grind each other intensely with his bare cock all over her skin tight jeans.

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Mohogany 1 Clip 1 - Neighbors Daughter BJ

My neighbors daughter definitely wants to taste my pink dick. She is a chocolate babe with some big and Juicy goodies. Watch her suck on me.


Stacey Short XXX - Cash or Ass 1

Stacey Short XXX just had some plumbing work done. The plumbers weren't expecting her proposal for payment. "Do you want to be paid in cash or ass?" This Sexy Ebony Milf starts to suck their white dicks while her husband is upstairs!!!! My kind of arrangement.


Brandi Sweets 3 - Fishnet Fucking

Play time is over. Rubbing on these fishnets has Jake pumped beyond belief. He has to take the whole piece of Brandi Sweets. He finishes by making a mess of the fishnets.


Nyomi Roze - Pervy Photographer 2 Blowjob

Lets finish what we started with the photos. Jake Pulls out his tool and feeds it to Nyomi. She is so cute and innocent.


Gogo Fukme - BJ 4 - POV Cumshot

Go Go Go Go Go finish sucking my dick. Watch Gogo Fukme beg for cum. To see an ebony goddess beg for jizz, while your dick is in her mouth is an amazing feeling. See it for yourself.


Nyomi Roze - Pervy Photographer 1

How to be a photographer the Freshflesh way. Step 1 - Pretend you know how to use a camera......... Nyomi goes from an innocent photo shoot to giving it up. This clip is the intro. her sexy chocolate ass gets oiled up and ready for action.


Jazzy Jamison - Leather Glove Handjob 3 Cumshot

Jazzy wants the juice. She loads his dick with lube and yanks it soft and slow. Austin stand up to drop his load all over her gloves. She wont be wearing those to drive anytime soon.


Gogo Fukme - BJ 3 - POV Booty Grind

Watch Gogo Fukme go from sucking to rubbing her perfectly round and meaty butt on a pink dick. Vote Gogo for #1 ass in the USA!!!!!!


Ava Aspen - Neighbors Wife 2 - Bound Blowjob 2

My husband this, my husband that, I have to go, he will come over here..... blah blah. I said, "This isn't a free show. If your husband comes over here he has to pay me to watch us."

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Selena Lust 1 Clip 1 - Interview

Sweet and sassy Selena Lust is an ebony MILF who is a bit nervous to do her first video. Watch the interview leading up to the action.


Kinky Kayy Xxx - Asshole Boss 1 Intro Blowjob

Jake is having a rough go. Wife is cheating with a big dong black guy, business is in shambles.... The only thing he has going is this round assed ebony, Kinky Kayy Xxx, as a maid/cleaning lady. Job #1 - Clean this fucking dick.


Jazzy Jamison - Leather Glove Handjob 2

Jazzy Jamison is teasing Austin with these soft lamb skin gloves on his dick. The biggest question on everyones mind is "why is she still wearing clothes". Lets fix that. Show us that 19 year old body and keep stroking.


Jazzy Jamison - Leather Glove Handjob 1

Jazzy Jamison is a tiny Latina with some tiny hands and some sleek leather gloves. Austin is a big dick white boy who has a thing for tiny Latinas with leather gloves. She starts to tease him by putting on the gloves really slowly and rubbing his legs while touching his dick in the process.


Ava Aspen - Neighbors Wife 1 - Bound Groped Blowjob

My neighbors wife asked to borrow a cup of sugar. Little did she know I have been eyeing her for a while. I want some sugar, too.

1455775200 Update Photo

Stephanie Kim XXX - Leather Gloves Handjob

Everyone Loves Stephanie Kim XXX. her sweet face, juicy lips, submissive Asian ways, and her beautiful bubble butt make her a force to be reckoned with. This set is from her leather glove handjob scene for with Jake Sperrow.


Gogo Fukme - BJ 2 - POV Standing Blowjob

I finally got my dick in Gogo Fukme's mouth. This sexy chick knows how to make a man cough up the keys, credit cards, and cash. Watch her suck this lucky whiteboy.


Shae Spreadz - Old Guy Doggy and Sitting Fuck

Austin isn't giving up much resistance anymore. He pulls Shae's young body on him and gives her some old guy dick. Then he bends her over and slides her panties to the side.

1454220000 Update Photo

Coco Kisses - Model Photos

Ebony Mistress Coco Kisses shows her goodies for the camera. These are modeling type photos.

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Sweetie 1 - Caught Masturbating

I left my freaky ass friend alone at my place for 5 minutes and when i returned she was pants down and playing with herself. I a ma team player and not afraid to lend a........uh.......hand.


Brandi Sweets 2 - Fishnet Fetish

There is something about fishnets that makes me just want to rub my dick all over them. It feels great. I have Brandi's perfect ass on the bottom of my cock, and the fishnets rubbing across the top.... I could bust one like this for sure, but I HAVE to feel this pussy.


Diamond Ortega 1 Clip 4 - Interracial Fucking

Let me see what this pussy is all about. Sweet chocolate Diamond Ortega!!!! This white boy is all too eager to bend her booty over.


Diamond Ortega 1 Clip 3 - Interracial Blowjob

Diamond isn't one to shy away from a cock. She gives you a look like she HAS to have it. Watch her work. Watch her suck.


Brandi Sweets 1 - Fishnet Butt Rub

Brandi is giving me a show. She has a fantastic ass, and she is not afraid to share it. Watch her tease and shake it for me.


Diamond Ortega 1 Clip 2 - Tights Fetish Asscheek Fucking

After my lapdance I bent Diamond over and started fucking her tights. They feel so good. She let me play with her g-string and rub it all over my dick.


Shae Spreadz - Old Guy BJ

Shae Spreadz Convinces my old ass uncle, Austin to fuck her. The first clip is the start of this. She flashes her smile, bats her eyes, then gobbles his dick.........he gave in.........


Diamond Ortega 1 Clip 1 - Lapdance, Tights, Grind

Diamond Ortega shows us how a lap dance is supposed to go. This isn't a fluffy vanilla lap dance. She grinds her bare pussy and ass all over this lucky stud.


Coco Kisses 4 - Panty Fuck

Coco Kisses pulls her pants down so I can grind on her bare ass and rub my dick all over her panties. They feel soft and fantastic.

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Sasha De La Cruz 1 - Intro BJ

My first shoot and I am a nervous wreck. I have no idea what i am doing, who I am talking to, how to shoot, how to be sure I am safe..... then this sexy lady comes through the door. Everything else came pretty naturally, lol.


Coco Kisses 3 - Tights Fetish Grind

Now it is time to rub my cock on Coco's tights. Something about this material feels so good. She is awake now, and she helps me gt a good rub on.


Coco Kisses 2 - Sleeping Booty Rub

What do you do when your girlfriend has the perfect bubble butt, but she is sleeping???? You peel her pants down and your rub on that butt until she wakes up. Watch this example with Coco Kisses.


Coco Kisses 1 - Strip Tease Twerk

Mistress Coco Kisses likes to be in control. I just want to pull my dick out, but she is making me wait. What to do? Sit back and enjoy the view.


Wendi Williams XXX - Schoolgirl 2 Fuck

Wendi Williams XXX shows Jake Sperrow what this whole "pussy" thing is about. That little fucking nerd is hooked. He grabs a hold of of her thick thighs and gets to stroking it. A few more pumps like this and he is sure to explode.


Stephanie Kim XXX - Gloves Handjob 3

Stephanie Kim XXX is being a good little girl. The gloves feel, so good i am trying to hold back the cumshot. The leather is lab skin and soft. Feels great, and she looks fantastic. Um, nobody said to stop. Good girl.


Stephanie Kim XXX - Gloves Handjob 2

Stephanie Kim XXX has a tight grip. She is rubbing the leather gloves all over my hard dick. I will need to get another treatment like this soon!!!!


Stephanie Kim XXX - Gloves Handjob 1

This is for the leather glove lovers out there. Stephanie Kim XXX had a new pair of leather driving gloves. Problem is we dont feel like going anywhere....... She will put them to good use with a slow soft handjob. Asian women understand me......


Sammi Ross - BJ HJ Clip 1

Sammi Ross gets to yelling at Mark for being a lazy fucker. She is a smart lady. She knows the only way to get a man to do anything is through his dick. She gives him a jerk and suck to get that lazy mother fucker to take that trash out. That method would work on me......

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Ms Beauti Doll - Sleeping Booty Rub

After a long day of twerking for the boys, Ms Beauti Doll lays down for a nap. As soon as she falls asleep, Papi Chulo creeps in to give that big beautiful booty a rub and grope. Strange thing is, if she was awake, she would have just let him...........


Sole Dior 1 - Clip 4 Cowgirl Missionary

Sole gets on top of Jake for a Brown Sugar Pie Ride. She twerks on his pole, bouncing her perfect bubble butt, while biting her lip. Fucking Freaks R Us. Watch Sole Dior orgasm as she loses it in this clip.


Gogo Fukme - BJ 1 - Strip, Tease, Grind

Gogo Fukme is about to make Jakes day. Jake has been taking pics of this beauty and it has her all worked up. She whispers to him.........I want to taste that dick... Jake has never been one to turn down a beautiful ladys request. She starts slow with some stripping, teasing, and grinding on his dick.


Wendi Williams XXX - Schoolgirl 1

Wendi Williams XXX has a nerdy little buddy in Jake Sperrow. This fucking turd is a virgin saving himself for true love. Wendi is the opposite. A dirty little schoolgirl who wants to own every cock in school. She wants to taste Jake. And she always gets what she wants. Watch her suck this white dick. Interracial, Schoolgirl, Blowjob


Brandi Foxx 1 - Clip 4 Sole Feet Fuck Cumshot

The soles of her Brandi Foxx's feet are soft and warm. Feels like a pussy. And I have the perfect view of her ass. I want your feet on top of me. Let me cum on them. Great afternoon!!!!


Brandi Foxx 1 - Clip 3 Calfjob FootJob

Finally I get those pretty feet on me. They are soft. They feel great. Jeggins OFF. Your legs are soft. I am fucking everything.


Brandi Foxx 1 - Clip 2 Butt Grind Calfjob

Time to peel those jeggings off of your butt. Perfect ass....Yellow thong....... Let me play with those panties while I rub myself all over you. Those legs...... I HAVE to fuck them.


Brandi Foxx 1 - Clip 1 Jegging Grind

Swing that little bubble butt my way. NOW!!! Jake Grinds on her jeggings and feels the heat from her cracks and crevices. Good girl.


Sole Dior 1 - Clip 3 Doggie

Finally Jake gets a piece of that pie. Sole is popular for a reason. She has the body of a goddess and crazy sexual energy. Watch her ass bounce off of Jake's DICK!!!!

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Sole Dior 1 - Clip 2 Oral

Now Jake is not one to stick is face down in a lot of girls business, but for this one he just couldn't help himself! Num Num Num Num. Tasty


Sole Dior 1 - Clip 1 BJ

Ok, so Sole is not an amateur. She has been in some things. I am sure you don't mind. We start with a wet sloppy BJ, from a well loved ebony GODDESS!!!!


Ms Beauti Doll 2 - Sweet BJ 3

Time for that finish. Use your hand..... Show me that face..... Icing didn't fill you up???? Swallow this then..........


Ms Beauti Doll 2 - Sweet BJ 2

Beauti goes to work. Slurp slurp, more icing, slurp slurp. GET IT..... ALL......BABY........ Chulo Approves.


Ms Beauti Doll 2 - Sweet BJ 1

Beauti and Papi Chulo went traveling together. These freaky freaks decided to paint his dick with cake icing and get to lickin.


Persia London - Interview

The lovely Persia London paid a visit to Detroit. And she played with me!!!!!!


Jazmyne Tayste 1 - BJ 1

Sleeping in my bed in just a wife beater is not a good idea. You will wake the beast. Roll over, honey buns. Blow me slow to start. POV BJ


Jazmyne Tayste 1 - BJ 2

The BJ continues. She is good. Aggressive, not afraid of it. Think i am going to move her around a bit to get the best angle.


Jazmyne Tayste 1 - BJ 3

Cumshot time. She was definitely not ready for that one. She doesn't look too happy.

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Kylee Quin 1 - Fuck 1

The visit starts with Kylee doing her duty as a freak, and giving me oral. POV style. She like to jam the whole thing in the back of her throat. no complaints.


Kylee Quin 1 - Fuck 2

I take a load off and lay down while she continues to serve. Fuck it, I have to put it in. Reverse Cowgirl??? ok......


Kylee Quin 1 - Fuck 3

Good cowgirl. Get on top. But I have to go doggy....... cause I am a dog........DOG!!!!!!!!!


Stephanie Kim XXX 1 - HJ 1

CAMBODIAN BOOTY!!! Stephanie Kim XXX comes through and tugs on my buddy Austin Papi Chulo. I was sad to be left out, but it ain't no fun if my homeys can't have none..... Ya know?


Stephanie Kim XXX 1 - HJ 2

At this point the cock ring is on, Papi Chula is squirming, and those Asian hands are giving the kung fu grip. Poor Chulo.


Stephanie Kim XXX 1 - HJ 3

Cum shot time!!! Don't worry about the mess. I hear it is an ancient Cambodian secret hand lotion...... Oh REARRRRRYYYYYY???????


Nahni Ray 1 - BJ 1

Here we go again..... Poor me...... This chick is aggressive, full of spit, and not afraid to slay a pink dragon. this clip is a wide shot of the start of something beautiful.


Nahni Ray 1 - BJ 2

At this point I wanted to see some of that body. Time to lay her down and rub her up and down. CREEPLIFE!


Nahni Ray 1 - BJ 3

Cumshot time. Sprayed her down. Listen to the noises coming out of this girls mouth. She goes to work.

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Persia London 1 Clip 1 - BJ

Persia "Deepthroat" London. Ok I made that nickname up. But it suits her!!!!!


Persia London 1 Clip 2 - Fuck

Little booties need love too.... Cowgirl, reverse, and some doggie style never hurt anyone.


Persia London 1 Clip 3 - Fuck and Cum

More pumping. There is a little wide angle mixed with POV, leading up to a healthy load on her back!!!!!


Nae Raneah - BJ 1

Hey Nae! How are you? Fine? Enough small talk, put my joint in yo MOUFFFFF!!!!! I love this girl. Straight to business


Nae Raneah - BJ 2

Nae continues to do her job from a different angle. Damn she has a grip on her!!!


Nae Raneah - BJ 3

POV time!!!!!! Oh oh oh, popshot time on those tig ol bitties!!!!!!!


Nae Raneah - BJ 4

Hey we have a bonus angle of the finale!!! Of course we will share it with you....... only because we love you!!!


Chyna Evening BJ 1

A nice start to the evening.


Chyna Evening BJ 2

The party continues as her clothes come off. Show me that booty. Keep sucking.

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Chyna Evening BJ 3

Here is the finale. Tits, a lap dance tease, and a pop shot!!!